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Terms and conditions

Validity and Terms and Condition Updates:

Theses terms of conditions of the company Renderly LTD, Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ here by referred to as Renderly are the basis of all contracts, services, offers and communications between Renderly and it's clients. Renderly reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time within a reasonable period of notice.

Services Description:

Renderly offers 3D Rendering and Animation services typically focussed on products and furniture with a photorealistic style. Click here for a full detailed list of services and further information -

Offer acceptance, scope of work and order processing:

All offers from Renderly are subject to written confirmation, orders addressed to Renderly are only binding upon written confirmation from Renderly. Renderly reserves the right to reject orders for any reason. The scope of the contractual performance is determined by the underlying information in the order document agreed by both parties. The client has an obligation to provide the correct information and materials required to complete the service and Renderly is not liable for any delays or consequences for the clients failure to exercise this obligation. Any extensions of the scope of work not included in the original agreement will be invoiced accordingly.

Order completion and delivery dates:

The completion date and lead times provided by Renderly are estimations and are not legally binding unless explicitly included in writing in the sales order signed by both parties. The client is required to provide all information required to execute the works in a timely manner in order to complete the works within the agreed timeframe. Renderly is not liable for delays due to the clients failure to execute this obligation. 

Performance and acceptance: 

The deliverables for the project will be handed over in digital form upon completion, subject to the requirements outlined in the sales order. Any subjective or creative views do not entitle the client to refuse acceptance of the services. Renderly reserves the right of freedom or design.

Retention of data and project files:

Renderly is not obliged to retain copies of the works indefinitely. Renderly unless explicitly requested and agreed by Renderly will retain project files for up to  1 year after the official completion of projects. However once the project is completed and the files are handed over Renderly is not liable for the loss of this information and is not legally obliged to keep it.
Source and working files can be provide from Renderly to client upon completion, Renderly strongly recommends the client to download and keep a copy of this.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights:

All content and materials originally created by Renderly on this website are the intellectual property of Renderly LTD or its applicable licensors and are therefore protected by intellectual property laws. Every order placed with Renderly is a copyrighted contract of work therefore all work created digitally or printed is subject to copyright law. Renderly retains the rights to use the material for marketing or advertisement purposes unless specifically stated by the client and agreed by Renderly, Renderly transfers the right of use of the content only upon full compensation of the remuneration of that order. Copyrights and intellectual rights of the designs and documents provided by Renderly to the client shall remain vested in Renderly. The client is granted the right to reproduce the designs only for the intended purpose and to use the content for the intended purpose.

Remuneration, Termination and Fees:

Renderly retains the right to terminate the contract for any reason after providing written notice. In which event partial remuneration is still due from the client to Renderly for the partial completion of the services. The client may cancel the project with written consent from Renderly, in this scenario partial remuneration is also still required to be compensated from the Client to Renderly for the works completed up until the point of agreed termination. 

The Remuneration for the project is decided by the written agreement between both parties, the payment terms will also be outlined in this agreement. Remuneration is due upon receipt of a valid invoice sent via email by Renderly. All payments that are not made by the client by the due date shall bear compounded interest of 8% above the standard rate of the Bank of England. The clients agrees to pay additional costs incurred due to their failure to provide the relevant information or provide assistance required to carry out the services.

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