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Furniture Rendering

Premium level quality without the hassle. 

What is Furniture Rendering?

Furniture rendering is the process of creating 3D / CGI generated images of furniture as an alternative to real photography. Often this can be less time consuming and expensive while also achieving higher quality results for product marketing


Furniture Configurators

Ultimate interactive experience for increased conversions

Why use furniture rendering?

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Beautiful Lifestyle Scenes

The main benefit for using 3D visualization for your furniture products is the ability to quickly generate realistic lifestyle scenes to place the furniture.

Lifestyle scenes are amazing for helping the customer visualize the furniture in a space that matches the aesthetic of the furniture piece 

Fast Turnaround

Furniture products are a greater logistically challenge to create content for. Its more easier to set up a 3D studio and import hundreds of furniture pieces in than actually transporting these items in real life.

This means large bulk hero images can be done faster and cheaper compared to the real life alternative.

Visualize new ideas / designs

With CGI furniture visualisation we can help you visualize new colour options or designs in a quick and affordable way. No need to manufacture real prototypes or new fabrics to get an idea if it will look good!


Who can use furniture rendering?

3D furniture rendering has a variety of use cases, including for furniture businesses, interior designers and online furniture retailers. Generally we like to work with those who work with premium quality furniture because we create high quality premium content that helps push high standard furniture pieces to the correct audience

How do you create furniture renderings?


3D Modelling

Cabinet 3D Model_edited

First step is to create an accurate 3D model of your furniture piece. You may already have files to assist with this section. It's important to create a high quality and 100% accurate model to ensure the product does not differ from the real one in the images. This 3D model is now a re-useable asset, meaning this process only needs to be done once and the model can be used in many lifestyles scenes / images.



Cabinet 3D White Background Render (WB)

Next we need to apply photorealistic textures to the model. We will usually ask for real images or references of the materials and fabrics used on the item to ensure that the properties match the real version


Lighting + Roomset


The final step is to set up the lighting in the scene and the room set environment if the product is going to be placed in a room. 3D software replicates real lighting so we will use techniques from real photoshoots to create the right lighting set up for your item and theme.

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