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This is a very good question and it unfortunately depends who you ask. There's a lot of misinformation in the 3D industry about price. One thing that is for certain is that if it seems too cheap to be true, you'll likely end up disappointed with the quality. On the other end it's easy to be fooled into paying more than you need to, with a lot of unknowns with the process of 3D rendering and animation. We will give you our prices here for the quality work we produce.

The reality is, every quote is different based on these factors, and most of our clients take a selection of the options below and have a personalised quote, however these figures will give you a rough idea what it costs to work with us, we have created these 'packages' based on the most popular volumes of content that our clients select depending on their budget.  These are the average prices we run our projects, if your project involves extensive custom detailed 3D modelling or a large volume of images you're project quote will reflect this increased workload.

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