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Why use 3D animation for products?

Why use 3D animation for your product video? A great question, in this article we talk about the reasons why you would or maybe wouldn't want to get a 3D product video created and why you should choose 3D to create this.

Increase your product sales.

According to the following research from source 78% of marketing professionals say videos helped increase sales. Now this statistic includes all forms for video marketing such as how to, explainer, advertisement content and product videos. 3D can help with all of them!

Have a think about your own products unique selling points (USP) we will refer to them for the rest of the article. 3D product animations when done correct can help visualize your products USP in a format that is easier to digest. Take a look at this 3D product video we completed for our client ELIXIR. As the video progresses it focusses on some of the key selling points of this particular product. Highlighting your products USP's is a great way to encourage potential buyers that the item is for them and that they will find value in it.

Product video is expected.

A recent study from wyzowl source found that 91% of people say they want to see more online videos from brands in 2023. Having a video on your product page helps buyers feel more comfortable about the quality of your product. Also in todays age consumers are more likely to search for video content surrounding a product before buying it, making video content also important for those customers at the top of your sales funnel who may not have arrived to your product page just yet!

Viewers retain information better with video.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text - source. So using visuals with minimal text to show and not tell customers why they should buy your product is a far better method to create memorable content.

Why use 3D for my product video?

You may be thinking 'this is great' but why cant I do that with traditional video. The answer is you can! But there are some forms of video content that perform better when created in the 3D and here's why...

A greater creative range

3D is not real, so the possibilities are endless! This means 3D can be used to create eye-catching animations such as fluid simulations, product explosions, material manipulations and many other visual FX that are a lot more time consuming or just impossible with traditional videography. For this reason we love working with clients with creative products in industries such as electronics, beauty / cosmetics or furniture.

Value to cost

While the average cost of a product video may be similar for traditional videography and 3D animation. At Renderly we don't create average videos, we create expert content. 3D can be used as a tool to create more awe-inspiring content in a shorter timeframe and with no logistic baggage, allowing you access to expert level marketing content as a lower cost.

Where can I use 3D product animation?

3D product animation can be used in many areas of your marketing strategy. We always aim to discuss with you where you will use the animation and for what purpose as this effects the type of content we produce. We want to know how we can create content that excels your marketing strategy. You can use 3D product animation in the following places

- On your product listing page - On your website home page - Posted on your social media channels

- As a paid advertisement campaign

- Outdoor billboards

What are the types of 3D product video?

As mentioned earlier it's important to think about how you are going to implement video into your marketing strategy. Depending on at what stage the target audience is in the buying process this will effect the length, style and content of video that you should focus on. For example a product video that includes USP selling would be ideal on the product listing page, the content is used to encourage them that the product will provide value to them and give them comfort in the quality. However an advertisement video that focusses on creating brand awareness may be best suited to your website home page in a shorter form and on your social medias. Types of 3D video content we produce at Renderly include.

- Full 3D product videos

- 3D 360 spins

- Short form advertisement animations

- Brand awareness videos

- How to / Explainer Videos

Ultimately we find it best to talk to you about your marketing strategy, so we can included your brand ideals / themes, as well as product content that is going to suit where you will post it!.

We hope this article as helped inform you about why you should use 3D product animation in your product marketing!

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